CrowdScience from the BBC World Service investigates “Can my house run out of air?”, putting a spotlight on the importance of Air Tightness and Ventilation within dwellings.

Do you want to know what Ecotest’s services are all about and do you have a spare half hour?

If so then we seriously urge you to sit back, put the kettle on, relax and listen as Marnie Chesterton asks “can my house run out of air?”.

On the show Marnie is joined by CrowdScience listeners Jeff and Angie, who wondered if they sealed up their draughty Californian home, how would they know if they had gone too far and could they eventually run out of fresh air!

Marnie seeks the answers and and is ably assisted by a panel of contributors Kimble Smith, Professor Nicola Carslaw, Dr Iain Walker, Marion Baeli and Dr Yashkumar Shukla.

The BBC summarises, ‘With Covid-19 making us more aware than ever of the importance of good ventilation, CrowdScience investigates how to make your home cosy and energy-efficient without sacrificing fresh air in the process. And we find out how, in hotter climates, you can carefully tap into your drafts, to reduce energy-intensive air conditioning.’

When the team at Ecotest came across this feature, we were really pleased to see this coverage by the BBC and we think it provides a well pitched introduction to the public on the subjects of Air Tightness and ventilation within their homes.

Now we’re not going ruin your listen with any spoilers, but if you do have any further questions, then please let us know and we will do our best to answer them.

BBC world service crowdScience podcast, 'could my house run out of air?'
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